• Piazza Tanucci and Santa Maria della Assunta
  • Wool museum (Museo dell’Arte della Lana di Stia)
  • Beautiful medieval architecture
  • Birthplace of statesman Bernardo Tanucci
  • St Francis Statue!!


Tucked away 40 kilometers east of Florence, Stia, a charming Tuscan town, is considered the “source of the Arno.” Known for its connection to St. Francis, Stia boasts beautiful medieval architecture, including the awe-inspiring Santa Maria della Assunta church. Surrounded by picturesque landscapes, this town offers pilgrims a serene and welcoming atmosphere, steeped in history and tradition.

Distance from Stage Start:
18 km
441 meters
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Culture & History

Stia is a town with a rich history dating back to ancient times. Its strategic location made it an important settlement during the Etruscan and Roman periods. Numerous castles and fortifications were built in the surrounding hills, reflecting its importance and the need for protection. Some of these, like the Castello di Porciano, have been carefully restored and can be visited today.

In the Middle Ages, Stia became known for its textile and wrought iron production, creating a unique cultural identity. ‘Panno Casentino,’ a wool fabric made by local women, was once a cornerstone of the local economy. Today, you can explore Stia’s past at the Wool museum, where the town’s textile history comes to life. Additionally, the skills of local blacksmiths have long been a source of pride for residents, contributing to the town’s distinct character.

Stia’s rich history is also evident in its religious heritage. The town’s connection to St. Francis has drawn pilgrims to the area for centuries, and the Santa Maria della Assunta church serves as a testament to the town’s spiritual legacy. Visitors are captivated by the combination of ancient and medieval history, art, and architecture that Stia has to offer.

Events & Festivals

Every two years, Stia hosts the European Biennial of Art Blacksmiths, a celebration of the town’s ironworking history. During this event, the streets come alive with music, conferences, and live forging demonstrations. If you’re planning to visit Stia during the Biennial, be sure to book accommodations in advance, as the town attracts visitors from around the world.

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