Pilgrimage Invites Change

Pilgrimage is an ancient practice to access more of you and experience a connection beyond yourself. It is an opportunity to see anew.

A pilgrimage is a powerful reminder that we are all connected, sharing a common bond in our quest for self-discovery and joy.

Call to Pilgrimage

This is what pilgrimage is really all about...

The call to pilgrimage is ancient and sketched into the DNA of humans. 

Since the earliest times, people have been called to journey outside of one’s home to learn more about one’s self. St Francis himself went on many pilgrimages during his lifetime. 

A pilgrimage is not necessarily religious. A pilgrimage is not a vacation. It is not necessarily driven by a reason at all.

A pilgrimage is an opportunity to leave the patterns and rote experiences of our daily lives for a chance to experience that which we could not before the journey. 

It is a vehicle for personal transformation. It is a path to kindness. It is an adventure into the unknown where one might rediscover the magic all around them. 

It is a chance to be quiet. To be still. To let things settle. So that we may hear again our own truth. 

We wish for all pilgrims on the Via di Francesco to experience the wonder offered by these Tuscan stages, and to share the experience so that others may know it’s possible for them as well.

Pilgrims' Journey

The journey through Tuscany is
about re-connection.

Hand on the tree


Pilgrim’s Pledge and Motto

Pilgrims who walk the Tuscan stages in a simple way are destined to become ambassadors of nature in the same way St Francis did. 

By embracing the Pilgrim’s Pledge and Motto, you become part of a community that supports sustainability, unity, and the enriching experience of future pilgrims.

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– 2022 Pilgrims –

The Basilica of San Francesco in Assisi say the number of pilgrims is increasing on the Via di Francesco each year.

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