The Pilgrim Ospitale Network

Hospitality, Services, and Values

The Pilgrim Ospitale Network is a dedicated community providing support and hospitality for those walking the Cammini di Francesco in Casentino. Our mission is to ensure that every pilgrim feels welcomed, appreciated, and connected throughout their spiritual journey.

Rifugio Casa Santicchio - Pilgrims

Our Commitment to Pilgrims

The Pilgrim Ospitale Network is a loving and supportive community of accommodations, food providers, and caretakers along the Via di Francesco in Tuscany. 

While not exclusive to pilgrims, our members celebrate pilgrimage as a transformative spiritual journey, offering respite and support to those seeking personal growth and a deeper connection.

Our values are at the heart of everything we do, ensuring that every pilgrim feels welcomed and cared for throughout their journey.

Our Commitment

  • Hospitality for all
  • Special discount for pilgrims
  • Path preservation
  • Dog and tent-friendly options
  • Comprehensive support
  • Spirit of St. Francis


Hospitality for all

Our network is open to everyone, regardless of their origin or destination, walking in the spirit of St. Francis and the pursuit of peace.

Special discount for pilgrims

Some accommodations offer a 10% discount for pilgrims who present their personal credential with our Pilgrim’s Pass. The discount is a testament to the local community’s commitment to the path and its pilgrims. Get our Pilgrim’s Pass here FREE.

Path preservation

As stated in our statute, we promote the appreciation and conservation of the Cammini di Francesco. The discount at accommodations through the I Cammini Pilgrim’s Pass is a small way for the community to demonstrate its support for the route and those who walk it.

Dog and tent-friendly options

Our updated list includes accommodations that are dog-friendly and tent-friendly, catering to diverse needs and preferences of pilgrims.

Comprehensive support

We provide an up-to-date list of various accommodations, including B&Bs, agriturismos, rifugios, and hotels, to help pilgrims find the perfect place to rest along the path.

Spirit of St. Francis

We strive to embody the teachings of St. Francis, focusing on kindness, compassion, humility, and simplicity in our interactions with pilgrims and the local community.

By creating a supportive environment for pilgrims, ospitalitas ensures that the Via di Francesco remains a sacred space for those seeking renewal, reflection, and a deeper connection to the Divine

Fratello Sole statue at Chapel of St Francis in Stia

Look for “Brother Sun”

Accommodations Snapshot with Brother Sun logo
Look for our symbol in the Accommodations Listings

As you plan your pilgrimage, we invite you to explore our accommodations listings to find the perfect place to stay. 

Look for our symbol, the Fratello Sole, which indicates members of the Pilgrim Ospitale Network. These hosts are committed to offering the authentic hospitality of Ospitales.

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Highlights of the Pilgrim Ospitale Network

We are proud to offer pilgrims unique experiences that enrich their journey and deepen their connection to the spirit of St. Francis.

Ospitale San Domenico in Consuma

This welcoming ospitale is well-known for its communal pilgrim dinner, where travelers can come together to share their experiences, bond over a delicious meal, and enjoy the warm hospitality of the hosts. See More

Rifugio Asqua in the Casentino Forests National Park

Deep in the heart of the park, Rifugio Asqua provides a unique opportunity for pilgrims to experience the serenity and magic of the forest. Here, pilgrims can sleep surrounded by nature, allowing for quiet reflection and a profound connection to the natural world. See More

Casa Rifugio Santicchio

This charming farmstay offers delightful farm-fresh food, allowing pilgrims to savor the flavors of the Casentino region. At Casa Rifugio Santicchio, guests can relax and rejuvenate in a peaceful rural setting while enjoying warm hospitality and delicious local cuisine. See More

Dozens of Other Ospitale Hosts

Along the Via di Francesco, there are numerous other ospitale hosts, each dedicated to providing a unique and memorable experience for pilgrims. These hosts share a commitment to supporting spiritual growth and fostering connections among travelers and locals alike.

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The History and Values of Ospitalitas

Rooted in ancient concepts of “hospitalia”, ospitalitas is centered around offering shelter, nourishment, and care to travelers in need. The teachings of St. Francis, emphasizing love, humility, and empathy, have deeply influenced ospitalitas, inspiring a more open-hearted and nurturing approach to providing care and support to travelers.

Join Us on the Via di Francesco

Embark on the spiritual journey of a lifetime along the Cammini di Francesco in Casentino, guided by the love and support of the Pilgrim Ospitale Network. 

Walk in the footsteps of St. Francis, forge new friendships, and experience the transformative power of this sacred path. 

Embrace the spirit of St. Francis and the values of our community as you take the first step toward your own spiritual renewal.

Buon Cammino!

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