Food on the Via di Francesco

Discover the simple and delicious cuisine of the Casentino region.

Starting the trail

Stage 1: Florence to Pontassieve

Pilgrims can stop half-way at Compiobbi for water and snacks. Restaurants and markets are available in Pontassieve.


Discover authentic Tuscan pastries at Pasticceria Andrea


Off-trail mini market is a good place for supplies, food and personal care items.

Into the mountains

Stage 2: Pontassieve to Consuma

Pilgrims can get an Italian breakfast of cakes and coffee in Diacceto at Locanda Tinti (6 km from stage start). Pilgrims can also stock up on snacks at the Coop market next-door.

The next food is at stage 2’s end in Consuma. Consuma features a couple bars with appetizers, snacks, and pastries. A famous dish in Consuma is the “Schiacciata con i Funghi” at Ristorante Consumi

Ospitale San Domenico hosts a communal pilgrims dinner with local food and wine.


Small market one-third of the way through Stage 2, next to Locanda Tinti in Diacceto. Good for restocking.


Satisfy your hunger with Schiacciata con Funghi Porcini!


Indulge in delicious schiacciata, local products, and breathtaking views.

Explore medieval Stia

Stage 3: Consuma to Stia

Grab your snacks at Ristorante Consumi before setting off. In Stia, pilgrims can enjoy handmade pizza at Pizzeria Da Vincenzo and pastries at Pasticceria La Piazza. About 10 minutes walk from the village square, pilgrims can find a Coop market. Stock up on supplies, as this is the last market before La Verna.


Visit the bakery featured in the film “Il Ciclone”


Savor authentic Italian flavors at Ristorante Filetto


Enjoy warm hospitality and delicious food at L’Ospitale Dei Brilli


Authentic Neapolitan pizza in the heart of Stia!


Final market on the Tuscan stages. Located a 10-minute walk from town center.

Enter the National Forest

Stage 4: Stia to Camaldoli

Water is available, but there is no food between Stia and Camaldoli. Make sure to get snacks at the Coop market in Stia. Pilgrims can find meals at both Camping Camaldoli and Cafè del Parco.


Experience Cafè del Parco’s famous Schiacciata di Camaldoli®


Historic eatery offering legendary Schiacciata di Camaldoli and traditional dishes

Relaxing Stage

Stage 5: Camaldoli to Badia Prataglia

There are no eateries between Camaldoli and Badia Prataglia. But the walk is short. And there are several restaurants to visit in Badia Prataglia.

Homemade dishes and truffle pizzas await at La Foresta

Sacred Mountain Retreat

Stage 6: Badia Prataglia to La Verna

There is no food on the trail. It’s possible to stop for a snack or water at Rifugio Casa Santicchio about halfway. Or just stay overnight! The Monastery at La Verna features a coffee shop and serves dinner to pilgrims who sleep there.

Cafe serves drinks and packaged snacks throughout the day. Guests can join for lunch and dinner meals.

Food kiosk and restaurant with sandwiches and fried mushrooms. Located near the paid parking outside the monastery.