L’Ospitale Dei Brilli



  • Handmade pasta dishes
  • Scottiglia, a Tuscan stew
  • Chianina beef with truffle
  • Vegetarian-friendly options
Via Adamo Ricci, 1, 52017 Stia AR, Italy


Discover the flavors of Tuscany at L’Ospitale Dei Brilli, a charming eatery located in the heart of Stia along the Via di Francesco pilgrimage trail. Savor authentic, handmade pasta dishes, traditional Scottiglia stew, and Chianina beef with truffle, all made from locally sourced ingredients. Vegetarian-friendly options ensure that every pilgrim can enjoy a satisfying meal. Set above the cascading Staggia River, the warm and friendly atmosphere of L’Ospitale Dei Brilli is perfect for a memorable dining experience. Offering dine-in and takeout options, expect great service and reasonable prices for the high-quality cuisine.

The menu features an array of dishes, from handmade pasta like ravioli and fettuccine to mouthwatering meat dishes such as the renowned Scottiglia stew and Chianina beef with truffle. Vegetarian options are also available, ensuring that everyone can indulge in the delicious flavors of Tuscany. The restaurant’s location, perched above the Staggia River, offers a picturesque dining backdrop, and the welcoming staff make you feel right at home. With a focus on quality ingredients, presentation, and taste, L’Ospitale Dei Brilli promises a memorable dining experience.

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