Pilgrim Credentials

Pilgrim’s Credentials: Your Key to a Profound Via di Francesco Experience

Embarking on the Via di Francesco, a remarkable pilgrimage through the breathtaking landscapes of Tuscany, promises a transformative journey for your body, mind, and soul. 

As you follow in the footsteps of St. Francis, you will connect with nature, history, and spirituality, embracing the ideals of lightness, transformation, and joy.

At I Cammini di Francesco in Casentino, we are dedicated to preserving and promoting the Franciscan tradition while ensuring the well-being of pilgrims. One way we do this is by encouraging the use of Pilgrim’s Credentials.


What are Pilgrim’s Credentials?

  • A record of your pilgrimage journey
  • Collect stamps from churches, museums, shops, and accommodations
  • Authenticate your pilgrimage and get Pilgrim’s Discount

How to Obtain Your Credentials

  • Request online from PiccolAccoglienza
  • Pick up in person at St. James Church in Florence
  • Printable alternative available online

Using and Caring for Your Credentials

  • Collect stamps (timbri) at various establishments
  • Request date and signature along with the stamp
  • Carry in a waterproof bag and store securely
Via di Francesco Pilgrim's Credentials with stamps (also known as "timbros")
Via di Francesco Pilgrim's Credentials with stamps (also known as "timbros")

Why Use Pilgrim's Credentials?

Pilgrim’s Credentials are an essential part of your Via di Francesco experience. These booklets serve as a record of your journey, providing space for collecting stamps from churches, museums, shops, restaurants, and accommodations along the way. 

Your Credentials not only authenticate your pilgrimage but also support access to special discounts and offers throughout our pilgrim hospitality network. See more about Pilgrim’s Discounts along the Tuscan stages.

Upon completion of your pilgrimage, you can present your stamp-filled Credentials in Assisi to receive a Testimonium, a certificate acknowledging your journey to the tomb of St. Francis. See our guide to receiving your Testimonium. LINK

This beautiful memento serves as a constant reminder of your spiritual growth and the values discovered along the way.

Credentials Via di Francesco

How to Obtain Your Credentials

Official Credentials are issued by the PiccolAccoglienza of the Diocese of Gubbio. 

To request your Credentials, complete an online request form from PiccolAccoglienza

Credentials Request Recommendations

All requests are handled by volunteers and shipped via post. You should request in advance to make sure the credentials arrive before your journey starts.

Inside Italy: Request 3 weeks prior to starting

Outside Italy: Request 6-8 weeks prior to leaving for pilgrimage

Cost of Credentials

Credentials are supplied free of charge by PiccolAccoglienza. We recommend offering a donation to support their efforts and cover the shipping costs of your requests.

Picking Up Credentials in Person in Florence

In exceptional cases, St. James Church in Florence may serve as a pickup point for pilgrim passports (Credentials).

To collect your Credentials:

  • Visit the parish office during business hours (Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9:00 to 13:00) or on Sundays before or after the 11:00 service.
  • The parish office is located downstairs in the undercroft, opposite the front of the church.
  • For questions, contact Father Richard Easterling or call + during business hours (English, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese spoken).
St James in Florence
St James in Florence

St James Church in Florence
Via Bernardo Rucellai, 9,
50123 Firenze FI, Italy
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The Sanctuary of La Verna does NOT provide any copies of the official credentials.

For urgent requests, contact the Credential Office (Diocese of Gubbio) at infoline 366.1118386 or email piccolaccoglienzagubbio@gmail.com.

Alternative Credentials: Print Your Own

If you cannot receive the official Credentials in time for your pilgrimage, we offer a printable alternative to ensure you don’t miss out on this essential aspect of your journey. 

Enter your email and we’ll send you a printable, alternative credentials you can use.

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Using and Caring for Your Pilgrim Credential

The Pilgrim Credential, also known as the pilgrim passport, is an essential document for those walking the pilgrimage route. It serves as a record of your journey, grants you access to certain accommodations, and is required to obtain the Testimonium upon completing the pilgrimage. Here’s a guide on how to use your Credential, collect stamps, and properly care for this important document.

Stefano give pilgrims stamp (also known as "timbro") at Locanda Tinti
Stefano give pilgrims stamp (also known as “timbro”) at Locanda Tinti

Collecting Stamps (also known as “Timbri”)

Throughout your pilgrimage in Italy, you’ll find that nearly every establishment, including churches, accommodations, cafes, and other places, has its own unique stamp or “timbro.” To collect stamps and fill your Credential:

  1. Ask for a stamp: When you visit a church, stay at an accommodation, or stop by a cafe, simply ask the staff for their timbro or stamp. You can say, “Posso avere un timbro per il mio Credential, per favore?” which translates to “Can I have a stamp for my Credential, please?”
  2. Date and signature: Many pilgrims also request the person providing the stamp to write the date and sign their name alongside the stamp. This adds a personal touch to your Credential and helps you remember when and where you received each stamp.

Caring for Your Credential

Your Credential is an essential document that must be well-protected throughout your journey. Follow these tips to ensure your Credential stays in good condition:

  1. Waterproof protection: Carry your Credential in a waterproof bag or cover to protect it from water damage, especially during rainy days or when crossing streams.
  2. Safe storage: Always store your Credential in a secure and easily accessible place, such as a dedicated pocket in your backpack or a pouch that you can quickly access when needed.

By following these guidelines, you’ll create a unique and cherished record of your pilgrimage, while ensuring your Credential remains in good condition for the entire journey.

Popular Stamps for the Tuscan Stages

On your Via di Francesco pilgrimage, collecting unique stamps from various locations is an essential aspect of your journey. 

Timbro via di Francesco
(Above) Stamp from Santa Croce in Florence; (Below) Stamp from Santuario della Verna

These stamps, or “timbri,” not only authenticate your pilgrimage but also serve as cherished memories of the places you’ve visited. Here are some popular and must-get stamps for the Tuscan stages:

  1. Santa Croce in Florence: As the largest Franciscan church and the starting point of the official Via di Francesco, Santa Croce is a must-visit location for pilgrims. Be aware that the church doesn’t open until after 9:30 am, so consider getting your stamp the day before. Upon receiving your stamp, you’ll be granted entrance to Santa Croce to see special rooms reserved for pilgrims of St. Francis and to pray for your journey.
  2. Camaldoli Monastery: This historic monastery, nestled in the beautiful Tuscan countryside, is another significant stop along the Via di Francesco. Don’t forget to collect your stamp when you visit this serene and spiritual location.
  3. La Verna Monastery: Marking the official end of the Tuscan stages, La Verna Monastery is a crucial stop for pilgrims. You can obtain your stamp at the pilgrim office when you sign in to stay overnight. The monastery’s bookshop also offers a unique stamp for your Credentials.

By collecting these popular and must-get stamps, you will enrich your Via di Francesco experience, creating a tangible record of your spiritual journey through the breathtaking Tuscan landscape.

Conclusion: Pilgrim’s Credentials

Pilgrim’s Credentials are an invaluable part of your Via di Francesco experience, providing you with a tangible record of your spiritual journey through the stunning landscapes of Tuscany. 

As you follow in the footsteps of St. Francis, collecting unique stamps from various locations, your Credentials will authenticate your pilgrimage and grant you access to special offers and discounts throughout our pilgrim hospitality network. 

Remember to take care of your Credentials, protecting them from water damage and storing them securely. 

Upon completing your pilgrimage, present your Credentials in Assisi to receive your Testimonium, a beautiful certificate acknowledging your journey to the tomb of St. Francis. For more information on the Testimonium, be sure to view our article on receiving your Testimonium

May your pilgrimage be a transformative and enriching experience that stays with you for a lifetime.