Our Symbol – Fratello Sole

Sign of Connection

I Cammini di Francesco in Casentino Logo
I Cammini di Francesco in Casentino Logo

As you navigate the Via di Francesco in Tuscany and our website, you will notice a unique logo, inspired by the statue “Fratello Sole” or “Brother Sun”, a symbol deeply connected to our values and mission. 

Through our logo, we celebrate the profound teachings of St Francis of Assisi and invite pilgrims to embark on a transformative journey that honors the beauty of creation and nurtures the spirit, and recognizes the connection that exists within all creatures.

Fratello Sole statue at Chapel of St Francis in Stia

The Origins of Our Logo

The connection between our organization and the Fratello Sole statue began with Giancarlo Migliorini, one of the founders of “I Cammini di Francesco in Casentino”. 

Giancarlo donated an iron version of “Fratello Sole” to the small modern chapel in Stia. This iron statue pays homage to the original bronze statue in Cagliari, symbolizing our commitment to the values and teachings of St. Francis of Assisi.

Pilgrims can visit the bronze statue in Stia, and take a photo with it. See more here.

The iron statue and bronze sculpture portray St Francis with his arm raised towards the sky, signifying his connection to Brother Sun.

The Inspiration - Canticle of the Sun

The “Fratello Sole” statue is deeply connected to the Canticle of the Sun, more commonly known as the Canticle of Creatures. This is a poem written by St Francis in praising all of nature’s creations. 

This affirmation of St. Francis’ personal theology demonstrates his reverence for all creatures, great and small, and his dedication to living a life of simplicity and humility.

Look for “Brother Sun”

Accommodations Snapshot with Brother Sun logo
Look for our symbol on the Accommodations Listings

As you plan your pilgrimage, we invite you to explore our accommodations listings to find the perfect place to stay. 

Look for our symbol, the Fratello Sole, which indicates members of the Pilgrim Ospitale Network. 

These hosts are committed to offering the authentic hospitality of Ospitales, embodying the teachings of St Francis, focusing on kindness, compassion, humility, and simplicity in their interactions with pilgrims and the local community.

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