Chapel of St Francis & Fratello Sole Statue

Church & Sacred SiteSt Francis' Spot
St Francis' Spot


  • Iron replica of St. Francis statue from Cagliari
  • Donated by Giancarlo Migliorini, association founder
  • Created by local artist Albe’, titled “Fratello Sole”
  • Located in a modern chapel in Stia
52017 Stia, Province of Arezzo, Italy


Discover the touching tribute to St. Francis, “Fratello Sole,” in the quaint town of Stia. This iron replica of the iconic statue from Cagliari is a testament to the devotion and love for St. Francis by the locals. Visit this charming modern chapel and be inspired by the statue’s connection to the Cantico delle Creature and the heartwarming story behind its creation.

Culture & History

Stia, a picturesque Tuscan town, is home to a modern chapel housing the iron replica of the St. Francis statue from Cagliari. The original “Fratello Sole” statue was created by the renowned international artist Padre Andrea Martini in the 1980s, attracting tourists and residents alike to Cagliari’s panoramic viewpoint in Viale Europa. The Stia replica was crafted by local artist Albe’ and donated by Giancarlo Migliorini, one of the founders of the association behind the Via di Francesco pilgrimage trail.

The town of Stia cherishes its connection to St. Francis, as reflected by the presence of this statue. Visitors can immerse themselves in the serene atmosphere of the chapel, contemplating the life and teachings of the saint.

How to Get There

Pilgrims can walk by the church and take a photo with the statue on their way to Camaldoli on Stage 4.

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