Pilgrim’s Pledge and Motto

The Pilgrim's Pledge and Motto: Walking the Way of St Francis

The Pilgrim Pledge is a personal commitment that each traveler makes to uphold the values of responsible and reverent travel while journeying along the Via di Francesco. 

The Pilgrim Pledge is crucial because it helps maintain the integrity of the pilgrimage experience, preserves the natural beauty and sanctity of the landscapes through which the trail passes, and fosters a deep sense of gratitude and reverence for this sacred path.

By embracing the pledge, pilgrims contribute to the sustainability of the Via di Francesco for future generations and promote the spirit of unity among all those who walk this sacred path.

pilgrim hi-five to the statue - Fratello Sole at Chapel of St Francis in Stia
pilgrim hi-five to the statue - Fratello Sole at Chapel of St Francis in Stia
Hand on the tree

The Pilgrim’s Pledge

“We, the pilgrims of the Via di Francesco, pledge to:

  1. Keep the forest floor free of trash and treat the environment as a sacred place.
  2. Respect the local customs, traditions, and communities we encounter on our journey.
  3. Support our fellow pilgrims and create a welcoming atmosphere for all travelers.
  4. Walk mindfully, honoring the spirit of St Francis and fostering personal growth and self-discovery.”

By taking the Pilgrim Pledge, you are not only committing to a transformative journey for yourself but also becoming an advocate for the preservation of the Casentinesi Forests environment and the enriching experience of future pilgrims on the Via di Francesco.

The Pilgrim's Motto

The Pilgrim’s Motto is a set of guiding principles that help pilgrims embrace the spiritual journey and cultivate an attitude of openness, faith, and acceptance. Reflect on these principles as you embark on your pilgrimage along the Via di Francesco. 

These principles are inspired by Bret Thoman’s “The St Francis Camino: A Spiritual Walking Pilgrimage from Assisi to Rome,” a great companion book focusing on the stages of La Verna to Rome.

Logo Via di Francesco Firenze - La Verna
  1. I am willing to be flexible.
  2. I’m neither in control nor in a hurry.
  3. I journey in faith, hope, and peace.
  4. I know Source will provide for me.
  5. My goal is the journey, not the destination.
  6. I joyfully accept today’s sacrifices, challenges, and blessings.

By embracing both the Pilgrim’s Pledge and the Pilgrim’s Motto, you pave the way for a transformative and life-changing experience that honors the spirit of St Francis and creates a bond among all those who walk the sacred path of the Via di Francesco.