About Us

Stewards of the path, the forest, and the mountains in Tuscany

The Via di Francesco is a sacred trail where you can access deeper connection and self transformation. We are dedicated to helping those who embark on this path, nurturing a profound reconnection with nature, spirituality, and our shared heritage.

Team meeting with Sandy Brown
Team meeting with Sandy Brown, the author of "The Way of St Francis" Guidebook

Who We Are

We help pilgrims walk the path

We are stewards of the path, the forest, and the mountains in Tuscany. I Cammini di Francesco in Casentino is a Tuscan preservation group dedicated to reconnecting people to themselves, one another, and nature through the Via di Francesco. 

We help pilgrims navigate and enjoy the Tuscan stages of the Via di Francesco. Our members include local guides, lodging hosts, and business owners of the Tuscan stages. As a non-religious non-profit, we help trekkers of all creeds and abilities to experience these stages safely and with resources.

“We will help you – not as a tourist – but as pilgrims, as walkers, and as people who want to have an experience in their life.”

Luca Piantini, President
Luca Piantini

Message from our president

The Opportunity of the Trail: Getting Lost

“Who knows what drives people to pack only the essentials in a backpack, leave their everyday lives, and start walking.

A thought, a hope, a search for oneself and others – all plausible reasons, but at the core, I believe, are pieces of a single apparent reason: getting lost. I think this is the deepest motivation.

Nowadays, we are not allowed to get lost. We are continuously monitored, guided, urged, and directed, primarily by ourselves, as perfect enforcers of a global design that increasingly seeks to codify and control us. Getting lost is not an option, and the price is often marginalization and exile.

This is a great loss because getting lost is the antithesis of finding oneself, and without getting lost, we could never find ourselves, be surprised, or discover anything new.

However, a new era has dawned, and many have resumed walking, losing themselves in a time and space filled with silence, landscapes, nature, and encounters.

Meeting others is one of the most evident outcomes of getting lost. These meetings occur because we are lost, and having shed our defenses and been cleansed of noise, we are ready to listen once again.

We wish this possibility for all pilgrims who walk the Via di Francesco.

Buon Camino.”

– Luca Piantini, President

Our Stewardship and Responsibilities

Pilgrim Discounts

Helping pilgrims receive discounts on lodging and offers through the free "I Cammini Pilgrim's Pass"


We help guidebook authors, tour guides, and travel content creators know the opportunities of these stages and update with official routes, trail conditions, and information.
The Casentinesi Forest

Why We Love the Park

These pristine forests provide the backdrop for pilgrims’ sacred experiences through the six Tuscan stages. We’re devoted to share and celebrate the nature as St Francis once did, so pilgrims may become its ambassadors and protectors. These forest stages are unlike any other on the Via di Francesco. See our park guide

What St Francis Means to Us

St Francis is renowned for his love of nature – which he found in the forests and mountains of the first six stages.

“Even if you don’t believe in God, you can believe in St Francis. This is the walk of St Francis. A friend of peace, of nature, and of men.” – Luca Piantini, President.

Read more about St Francis.

Meet the Team

We are the stewards of the trail

Luca and Elena Piantini

Hosts of Ospitale di San Domenico and Ospitale di San Jocopo. Luca is president of the association.

Marta Signi

Host of La Terrazza in Foresta. Marta guides group pilgrim treks. She is communication manager.

Olga Fiorini

Host of La Piazzo Uno and Duo. Olga connects pilgrims to the art and food of Stia. Olga is treasurer and secretary.

Nikki and Shawn Smith

American pilgrims walking the Via di Francesco in September 2022, and creators of the English website.

More Details

I Cammini Association In-Depth


Most Common Questions:

The Via di Francesco crosses the regions of Tuscany, Umbria, and Lazio. Each region independently manages the stages in their region. There is not one organizing managing the entire trail. Learn more about Via di Francesco

We appreciate all support. You can support us by

  1. Raising awareness of the trail,
  2. Donating to support us,
  3. Booking accommodations with our members through this website. Each booking made through this website allows for a tiny percentage of the booking fee to be given to the association.

Support Our Mission

Preserve the Via di Francesco Legacy

Embrace the transformative journey of St. Francis and help preserve the Via di Francesco. 

As pilgrims, we share a profound connection to nature, spirituality, and the life-changing experience of walking this sacred path. Your generous support will maintain the trails, protect our shared heritage, and promote the values of slow tourism and well-being. 

Together, we can ensure future generations discover the joy and enlightenment of the Via di Francesco pilgrimage.