Ristorante Filetto



  • Flavorful Tuscan Acquacotta
  • Savory Arrosto Misto
  • Tender Capriolo in Umido
  • Homemade Gnocchi al Ragù
Piazza Bernardo Tanucci, 28, 52017 Stia AR, Italy


Embark on a culinary adventure at Ristorante Filetto, a family-run eatery steeped in tradition, nestled in the heart of picturesque Stia. Savor the unforgettable taste of authentic Tuscan cuisine, prepared with love and care. From mouthwatering Acquacotta to succulent Arrosto Misto, let the flavors of this trattoria transport you to a simpler time. Don’t miss out on the homemade gnocchi al ragù, sure to warm your heart and soul.

Located in the historic Piazza Bernardo Tanucci in Stia, Ristorante Filetto offers pilgrims an opportunity to connect with the essence of Tuscan cuisine. With its family-oriented and humble atmosphere, this traditional trattoria brings you back to the roots of Italian culinary culture. Open for lunch, you can expect a warm welcome and delicious, honest food. The menu boasts a variety of homemade dishes, made with fresh, local ingredients, and a selection of regional wines to complement your meal. Whether you’re seeking a hearty meal or a light bite, Ristorante Filetto caters to all palates and dietary needs. Prices per person range from €10 to €50, making it an affordable option for travelers seeking authentic Tuscan cuisine.

Highlighted Dishes

Experience the rich flavors of Ristorante Filetto’s signature dishes, such as the savory Arrosto Misto – a mixed roast cooked to perfection, and the tender Capriolo in Umido – a slow-cooked venison stew. For pasta lovers, indulge in their homemade Gnocchi al Ragù, a true comfort food that will leave you craving more.

History of the Eatery

Rooted in local culinary traditions, Ristorante Filetto has been a family-owned trattoria for generations. The commitment to preserving the essence of Tuscan cuisine is evident in each dish, ensuring that every guest experiences the genuine flavors of the region. The warm hospitality, combined with a deep respect for the culinary heritage of the Casentino valley, has cemented Ristorante Filetto’s reputation as a must-visit destination for pilgrims on the Via di Francesco.

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