• Savor a coffee at Locanda Tinti
  • Experience the transition from vineyards to forests
  • Small Coop market is good for food supplies


Diacceto, a quaint town nestled 1/3 of the way through Stage 2 of the Via di Francesco pilgrimage trail, offers a moment of transition for hikers. As you leave behind the vineyards and olive groves of the Arno River Valley, the deep forests of the Central Apennine mountain range lie ahead, welcoming you into a world of friendly solitude much loved by mystics like St. Francis. Experience a taste of history with a stop at the charming Locanda Tinti or visit the nearby Casentino forests.

Distance from Stage Start:
6 km
Distance to Stage End:
12.6 km
480 meters
Services Available:
Grocery & Market
Food & Bar

Culture & History

Diacceto’s origins are uncertain, possibly dating back to Roman times when it served as a post station. Its name is thought to have derived from “Ghiacceti,” a Latin term referencing cold sensation due to wind or caves storing snow. In medieval times, a tower was built, now incorporated into the 15th-century Cattani Palace, a testament to the town’s rich past. Notable figures from Diacceto include Jacopo da Diacceto, a 15th-century scholar and humanist.


Events & Festivals

While no specific events are mentioned, it’s important to note that Locanda Tinti and Un Altro Pianeta offer comfortable accommodations for pilgrims. When planning your visit, consider booking ahead to ensure a pleasant stay in this charming town.


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