• Official end of Stage 1 on Via di Francesco
  • Medici bridge over the Sieve river
  • Sanctuary of Madonna delle Grazie


Nestled at the confluence of the Arno and Sieve rivers, Pontassieve is a charming town surrounded by idyllic Tuscan landscapes. As the official end of Stage 1 on the Via di Francesco pilgrimage trail, this town offers a blend of ancient and modern history. With a rich heritage connected to the Florentine Republic and St. Francis, Pontassieve enchants visitors with its strategic Medici bridge, the Castle of Sant’Angelo, and thriving artisanal leather and wine production.

Distance from Stage Start:
18.94 km
108 meters
Services Available:
ATM / Bancomat
Pharmacy (Farmacia)
Grocery & Market
Church & Sacred Sites
Food & Bar

Culture & History

Pontassieve’s history dates back to the Middle Ages when the Florentine Republic built the Castle of Sant’Angelo. Throughout the years, it transformed into an important agricultural center, particularly for wine, and later evolved as an industrial hub due to the construction of railway lines. The town faced devastation during World War II, but has since rebuilt and now showcases quality craftsmanship, including leather goods.

The town’s cultural legacy includes the Quona nobles as its first rulers, the construction of the strategic Medici bridge, and the influence of the House of Lorraine’s Dukes, who elevated Pontassieve to the rank of Vicarship’s Town Hall. Today, the town celebrates its heritage through events such as the “Toscanello d’oro,” a show-market where visitors can sample and purchase local wines and traditional dishes.

Events & Festivals

“Toscanello d’oro” in May: a show-market to taste and buy local wines and traditional dishes. Book accommodations in advance due to increased visitors.

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