• Halfway point between Firenze and Pontassieve
  • Indulge in delectable pastries at Pasticceria Andrea


Nestled between Florence and Pontassieve, Compiobbi is a quaint Tuscan town along the Via di Francesco pilgrimage trail. With a population of 2,085, it offers a serene atmosphere, rich history, and picturesque landscapes along the banks of the Arno River. As a midway point on Stage 1 of the trail, this charming town provides a chance to recharge and explore its connection to St. Francis.

Distance from Stage Start:
9.7 km
Distance to Stage End:
9.24 km
75 meters
Services Available:
Food & Bar

Culture & History

Compiobbi’s deep-rooted history is evident in its ancient landmarks, such as St. Michael’s Church and the Church of San Donato a Torri. As a town along the Via di Francesco, Compiobbi has welcomed pilgrims for centuries, creating a unique culture that blends ancient traditions with modern amenities. Visitors can witness this cultural fusion at Pasticceria Andrea, a beloved local café known for its mouth-watering pastries, panettone, and pandoro.

The town’s picturesque setting along the Arno River offers an insight into its past, shaped by the river’s influence on the local economy and agriculture. Modern-day Compiobbi remains a testament to its historic roots while embracing the present, offering a memorable experience for those walking the Tuscan stages of the Via di Francesco pilgrimage trail.

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