• Stunning mountain pass at 1050 meters overlooking Montemignaio
  • Famous “Schiacciata con funghi porcini” dish at Ristorante Consumi
  • Afternoon or evening snacks and drinks at Chalet il Valico


Consuma, a picturesque Tuscan village 40 minutes from Florence, is a gateway to the Apennine Mountains and the Via di Francesco pilgrimage route. Rich in chestnut, beech, and fir trees, it overlooks towns like Pelago and Pontassieve. Visitors come to escape the heat, visit Vallombrosa Abbey, and enjoy the famous “Schiacciata con funghi porcini” at Ristorante Consumi. Bar Carletti and Chalet il Valico compete for the best version of this local delicacy, with each offering unique, mouthwatering interpretations. While there’s no direct connection to St. Francis, pilgrims will surely find peace and inspiration in Consuma’s stunning natural beauty.

Distance from Stage Start:
18 km
1056 meters
Services Available:
Grocery & Market
Church & Sacred Sites
Food & Bar

Culture & History

Consuma’s origins can be traced back to an ancient road that connected the Casentino region with Florence and Valdarno. The town likely derived its name from the Consumi family, who were expelled from Ferrara for political reasons. Consuma has long been a resting place for travelers, as evidenced by the 15th-century story of Pievano Arlotto, a parish priest who found refuge in a local inn during a heavy rainstorm.

This enchanting town developed as a popular vacation spot in the post-war years (1950-1960) due to its proximity to Florence. The town center flourished with the construction of elegant villas, while the surrounding landscape remained unspoiled. The small church of Consuma, built in 1932, stands as a testament to the town’s rich history and architectural heritage.

Traditions in Consuma revolve around the local cuisine, with porcini mushrooms being a particular highlight. The town boasts a vibrant food scene with friendly debates over which establishment serves the best mushroom dishes.

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