Ristorante Consumi

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  • Famous for Schiacciata con Funghi Porcini
  • Wide selection of traditional pastries and gelato
  • Local wine and Casentino ham available
  • Family-owned
Via Casentinese, 307, 50060 Pelago FI, Italy
Days / Time Open:

Open 6 Days
*Closed Wednesday
6:00 – 23:30


Discover Ristorante Consumi, a beloved family-owned eatery welcoming pilgrims on the Via di Francesco trail. Indulge in their famous Schiacciata con Funghi Porcini, traditional pastries, and artisanal gelato. Savor local wine and Casentino ham while immersing yourself in the historical charm. Don’t miss this delightful culinary experience!

At the entry of Consuma, Ristorante Consumi is a family-owned establishment offers an extensive menu of local and traditional dishes, including their famed Schiacciata con Funghi Porcini – a mouthwatering flatbread topped with delicious mushrooms. This eatery also boasts a wide selection of traditional pastries, such as Torta Consumi and Dolce di Ricotta e Pinoli, as well as an impressive array of artisanal gelato flavors.

Ristorante Consumi takes pride in offering local wines, Casentino ham, and other regional specialties, ensuring an authentic culinary experience. With its large seating area, the restaurant is perfect for both small and large groups, providing a warm and friendly atmosphere for all who enter. Ristorante Consumi is not only a must-visit eatery but also a testament to the rich history and hospitality of the region.

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