• Refresh at the water fountain near Strada Provincaiale di Gualdo
  • Observe local equestrian culture at Il Gualdo stables
  • Experience the tranquility of the picturesque trails


Gualdo, a peaceful hamlet with only 28 inhabitants, lies along Stage 3 of the Via di Francesco pilgrimage trail between Consuma and Stia. At 894 meters above sea level, Gualdo’s scenic landscapes are brimming with lush forests and winding trails. With a name derived from the German word “Wald,” the settlement’s Lombard origin is reflected in its rural, family-oriented structure. As you pass through Gualdo, embrace the simplicity and serenity of this enchanting locale.

Distance from Stage Start:
2.7 km
Distance to Stage End:
15.3 km
894 meters
Services Available:
Water Fountain

Culture & History

Gualdo’s history is deeply rooted in its Lombard origin, with a social structure and rural economy closely tied to the family system. The scattered houses in the village are a testament to this unique heritage. The area’s rich natural beauty, including the dense forests and stunning trails, shapes the local culture and traditions.

The people of Gualdo have a strong bond with their environment, and equestrian culture is prominent here. Many locals enjoy horseback riding through the forest trails, and the nearby Il Gualdo stables contribute to this thriving tradition.

Events & Festivals

As a small, quiet settlement, Gualdo does not host major events or festivals. However, pilgrims passing through can still appreciate the beauty of the surrounding forests, observe local equestrian culture, and refresh themselves at the water fountain near Strada Provincaiale di Gualdo. No services are available in Gualdo, so plan accordingly for accommodations and provisions.