• Visit the charming Church of S. Jacopo
  • Explore the historic Castel Castagnaio ruins
  • Discover the picturesque woods rich in porcini mushrooms and chestnuts
  • Revere the relic of St James at Chiesa di San Jacopo


Nestled between Consuma and Stia on Stage 3 of the Via di Francesco pilgrimage trail, the quaint hamlet of Villa boasts a rich history and breathtaking views. As the natural starting point for pilgrims traveling from Florence, Villa’s medieval origins and unique location provide a gateway to the enchanting Casentino region. Home to the Ospitale di San Jacopo and the Chiesa di San Jacopo, Villa serves as a serene retreat brimming with natural and historical wonders.

Distance from Stage Start:
8.9 km
Distance to Stage End:
9.1 km
Services Available:
Church & Sacred Sites

Culture & History

Villa’s history is deeply intertwined with its late medieval origins, evident in the settlement types and the picturesque landscape filled with chestnut trees and porcini mushrooms. The region’s Etruscan and Roman past is reflected in the ruins of the Castel Castagnaio, a manor of the Guidi Counts.

The Church of S. Jacopo is a must-visit destination, housing a relic of St James, the patron saint of the Camino de Santiago. The remains of the Castel Castagnaio offer insight into the area’s ancient temple and military past. The Church of S. Bartolomeo, built on the castle’s chapel, stands proudly at the edge of the walls.

Events & Festivals

Villa doesn’t host major events but offers delightful seasonal attractions. In the fall, visitors can enjoy porcini mushroom hunting and chestnut picking among the abundant chestnut trees. The extraordinary panoramic view from Castel Castagnaio and the serene atmosphere of the Chiesa di San Jacopo are true highlights for any pilgrim.

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