• Scattered houses with Lombard origins
  • Two ancient routes to Passo della Consuma
  • Historic Church of Badiola in Pietrafitta


Campolombardo, a picturesque hamlet located between Consuma and Stia, boasts a unique layout of scattered houses, reflecting its Lombard origins. This charming village is situated along two ancient routes that once connected Stia to the Passo della Consuma, offering pilgrims a glimpse into the past as they journey through the beautiful Tuscan landscape.

Distance from Stage Start:
13.4 km
Distance to Stage End:
4.59 km

Culture & History

Campolombardo’s fascinating history and connection to Lombard settlements make it an intriguing stop for pilgrims and history enthusiasts alike. The village’s layout, characterized by scattered houses, provides an authentic representation of Lombard-origin settlements.

As pilgrims explore the area, they’ll encounter two ancient routes leading to the Passo della Consuma. The first route takes travelers along a ridge past the historic Church of Badiola in Pietrafitta, while the second leads halfway up the coast to the hamlet of Villa. These routes offer visitors a chance to walk in the footsteps of those who came before, connecting with the area’s rich history.

Campolombardo also features an ancient hospital building, a testament to the village’s role in providing care and respite for weary travelers throughout the centuries. This building, with its distinctive name and typology, is a reminder of the village’s historical function.

Events & Festivals

Campolombardo does not host any specific events, but its strategic location between Consuma and Stia makes it an ideal stopping point for hikers and pilgrims journeying through the Tuscan stages of the Via di Francesco.

Churches & Sacred Sites