Chiesa di San Jacopo

Church & Sacred Site


  • Serene hillside location overlooking a valley
  • Fascinating relic of St. James, patron saint of Camino de Santiago
  • Charming church off the main trail
  • Bucket list destination of Camino de Santiago veterans
Via di Castel Castagnaio, 1, 52015 Villa AR, Italy
Days / Time Open:

L’Ospitale di San Jacopo is open on Sundays for both visitors and local residents to explore and appreciate the serene atmosphere.


Discover the hidden gem of Chiesa di San Jacopo, a quaint church nestled in the Tuscan hills, overlooking a picturesque valley. Housing a relic of St. James, this peaceful haven invites pilgrims to reflect and connect with nature. Experience the charm of a lesser-known site as you journey along the Via di Francesco.

Culture & History

Chiesa di San Jacopo is a small, historically significant church that has served as a place of solace and respite for pilgrims . Nestled in the scenic village of Villa, the church’s serene hillside location has long been a place of reflection and inspiration for those on the Via di Francesco. The Ospitale hosts, the caretakers of the church, preserve the traditions and history of this charming sanctuary.

The church’s most intriguing feature is a relic believed to be the fingernail of St. James, patron saint of the Camino de Santiago. This connection to the Spanish pilgrimage trail has drawn veterans of the Camino de Santiago to Chiesa di San Jacopo, adding a unique layer of shared history and devotion.

How to Get There

On the middle of Stage 3, between Consuma and Stia, Pilgrims will spot a wooden sign pointing to a side path toward L’Ospitale di San Jacopo, in the town of Villa. Take this path. Pilgrims will emerge directly in front of the albergo. On the right, pilgrims will spot the church. Knock on the door of the albergo to request access. Church is locked and closed outside of Sunday mass.

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