Castel Castagnaio



  • Stunning panoramic views of Monte Falterona
  • Ancient Etruscan and Roman temple foundations
  • Saint Bartolomeo Church with a 14th-century bell
  • Nearby Poggio Sunsets with rich history
52015 Pratovecchio, Province of Arezzo, Italy


Discover the fascinating ruins of Castel Castagnaio, a medieval castle that once belonged to the Guidi Counts. Marvel at the breathtaking panoramic views of Monte Falterona and explore the ancient foundations of Etruscan and Roman temples. Admire the nearby Church of S. Bartolomeo, which houses a bell dating back to 1320. Uncover the mysteries of the neighboring Poggio Sunsets and immerse yourself in centuries of history on this captivating detour.

Culture & History

Located in a strategic position with panoramic views, Castel Castagnaio has been inhabited since Etruscan and Roman times. The castle was built around 1050 on the foundations of an ancient temple and was one of the many fortresses owned by the Guidi Counts. In the Middle Ages, it served as a military outpost for controlling transit routes and communication with other castles in the area.

The castle survived numerous conflicts and was partially destroyed in 1260 after the Battle of Montaperti. It was later occupied by Roberto di Battifolle, the last heir of the Guidi family, who died of the plague in July 1400. In the 16th-17th centuries, the Church of S. Bartolomeo was built, reusing materials from the castle chapel.

The surrounding area features ancient waterways, mills, and chestnut woods that played a significant role in the castle’s history. Excavations have been carried out to reveal the origin and function of the building complex, but much of its history remains a mystery.

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