Chiusi della Verna



  • Official end of the Tuscan stages of Via di Francesco
  • Visit the Sanctuary of San Francis at La Verna
  • Experience the centuries-old beech forests
  • Della Robbia terracotta art in churches
  • Sasso Spicco, St. Francis’ prayer spot


Nestled in the heart of the Casentino Forests National Park, Chiusi della Verna is a spiritual haven at the foot of the sacred mountain where St. Francis received the stigmata. Surrounded by ancient beech forests and the stunning Arno and Tiber river valleys, the town has a deep connection to St. Francis and offers a serene atmosphere for pilgrims and hikers alike.


Distance from Stage Start:
19.53 km
Distance to Stage End:
1.7 km
960 meters
Services Available:
Grocery & Market
Church & Sacred Sites
Food & Bar

Culture & History

Steeped in both ancient and modern history, Chiusi della Verna has been an essential hub since antiquity. As a key junction of the old via Romea, it was a vital stop-over point for pilgrims and travelers from northern Europe. Today, the town maintains its spiritual significance, inviting visitors to explore the deep silence of its pathways, which lead to discoveries that resonate within the soul.

Throughout the centuries, Chiusi della Verna has been the birthplace of many traditions, including the Sanctuary of San Francesco and the small church of Santa Maria degli Angeli. The area is also known for its connection to Michelangelo Buonarroti, as some studies suggest the Renaissance artist was born in Chiusi during the time his father was mayor of the town.

Events & Festivals

In mid-July, Chiusi della Verna hosts a re-enactment of the Donation of the Mount to Saint Francis, featuring dances, flag wavers, performers in costumes, and music. The International Festival of Organ Music takes place in the Church of the Sanctuary during the summer, and in August, the village welcomes a craft market and the truffle and mushroom festivals. It is advised to book accommodations in advance during these events.

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