Cappella degli Uccelli – The Chapel of the Birds

Church & Sacred SiteSt Francis' Spot
St Francis' Spot


  • Visit the charming 1602-built Chapel of the Birds
  • See the statue of St Francis surrounded by birds
  • Witness the painting by Baccio Maria Bacci
Via del Santuario della Verna, 45, 52010 Chiusi della Verna AR, Italy


Explore the captivating Cappella degli Uccelli, constructed in 1602 to commemorate the warm welcome St Francis received from a diverse flock of birds during his first visit to La Verna. Discover fascinating inscriptions on the building’s façade, and peek inside to glimpse the statue of St Francis surrounded by birds. Don’t miss the painting by Baccio Maria Bacci, depicting this significant event in the saint’s life.

Culture & History

Cappella degli Uccelli was built in 1602 to remember St Francis’ first visit to La Verna, a momentous event in his spiritual journey. According to the Fioretti di San Francesco, upon reaching the site where the chapel now stands, St Francis was greeted by a diverse and jubilant flock of birds. This warm reception symbolized divine appreciation for St Francis’ decision to live in such a remote and harsh location.

Over the centuries, the chapel has become an essential part of the town’s history and traditions, attracting pilgrims and tourists alike. Today, visitors can still experience the spiritual connection that St Francis had with nature by visiting the chapel and admiring its architectural beauty.

How to Get There

Cappella degli Uccelli is located within the Sanctuary of La Verna, which is the final destination of the Via di Francesco pilgrimage route. To arrive at the chapel, follow the old paved road called “ Ansilice ” leading up to the sanctuary from the town of Chiusi della Verna.

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