La Verna Monastery

Welcome to Santuario della Verna

The Sanctuary of La Verna is one of the most important sites on the Via di Francesco. It is a beloved mountain retreat where St Francis meditated and prayed, and where he received the stigmata.

La Verna is also special because it is nestled inside sacred forests, surrounded by caves, animals and natural beauty, revealing St Francis’ devout love for nature.


Highlights and Must Sees at La Verna

Santa Maria degli Angeli

Chapel of Santa Maria degli Angeli (St Mary of the Angels) is the original church. It was built in 1216 by St. Francis himself after the Virgin Mary appeared to St. Francis. He took the name from his home in Assisi.

The belfry still has the original bell donated by San Bonaventura in 1257.


Basilica and Belfry

The Basilica Maggiore has a Latin-cross plan and was built between 1348 and 1509. It features a portico and houses stunning terracotta sculptures by Andrea della Robbia.

Corridor of the Stigmata

The Corridor of the Stigmata has 21 frescoes depicting St. Francis’ life in La Verna. The corridor leads to where Francis received his stigmata, and the frescoes were replaced by Baccio Maria Bacci in the 20th century.

Chapel of the Stigmata

The Chapel of the Stigmata marks the spot where St. Francis received his stigmata in 1263. It has a memorial tablet on the floor indicating the exact location and features artworks by Andrea della Robbia’s workshop, including a tondo of Holy Mary and an altarpiece of Christ crucified surrounded by angels.

St. Francis's Bed

In the Sanctuary, there is an ancient grotto with a large slab of stone that served as St. Francis’s bed. Visitors considered it miraculous, taking small pieces away with them until it was protected behind a metal grate.

The Chapel of St. Sebastian and Guest House Walkway

Take a short walk around the Chapel of St. Sebastian and guest house and enjoy a breathtaking view of the landscape.

Sasso Spicco

The Sasso Spicco is an imposing rock at La Verna that appears to be detached from its surroundings. St. Francis used to pray and meditate deeply on the passion of Christ underneath this natural shelter, and a large wooden cross now serves as a reminder of this sacred practice.


Sleeping at La Verna Monastery

Foresteria del Santuario della Verna

Pilgrims are offered several options for overnight accommodations, including private rooms and dormitory stays. 

We recommend pilgrims view information on the Foresteria page here.

Reservations can be made via the link, email, or by calling. 

Reception for the accommodations (Foresteria) is open 8-18:30.

Hours & Map

Operating Hours, Schedule & Map

Pilgrim's Map - Santuario della Verna

Operating Hours & Schedule

See operating hours for La Verna, including masses and liturgy hours.

Procession at 15:00

Pilgrims and visitors flock to attend the procession from Santa Maria church to the chapel of the Stigmata daily at 15:00. 

You do not need to attend mass to witness and follow the procession.


Special Events at La Verna

Feast of the Stigmata, photo by Santuario della Verna

The Stimmate Feast, or Feast of the Stigmata, is celebrated on September 17th at the Santuario La Verna, which is the most important day for the sanctuary. 

It is also referred to as “Pilgrims’ Day”, as pilgrims from all over the world come to La Verna for fascinating celebrations. A highlight is a prayer vigil that occurs around 23:00 on September 16th, the night before the event.

Pilgrims' Journey

The journey through Tuscany is
about re-connection.

How to Get to La Verna

Walking the path gives you space to hear your inner self

Return to Florence from La Verna

The pure mountain nature and Casentensi forests are a constant friend

Next Stages After La Verna

While pilgrims often trek in solitude, you are never alone on the trail