Organ Music Festival of La Verna

Festival Internazionale di Musica D' Organo

Local Tradition


  • Impressive organ with 5,700 pipes
  • Held at Santuario della Verna, Italy
  • Annual event during July and August
  • Free admission for concerts
  • Showcases world-class organists
Santuario della Verna
Via del Santuario della Verna, 45, 52010 Chiusi della Verna AR, Italy

Occurs annually, with concerts every Wednesday in July and August

Admission Fees:



The International Organ Music Festival is an annual event taking place at the Sanctuary of La Verna in Italy.

The festival offers free concerts every Wednesday evening in July and August.

The concerts feature world-class organists performing on the monumental organ in the Basilica of the Sanctuary of La Verna.

This organ, built in 1926, is one of the largest in Italy, boasting 5,700 pipes and 90 registers. The festival presents a unique opportunity for visitors to enjoy exceptional music in a sacred and historic setting.

Event Schedule

Concerts start at 21:20.


The International Organ Music Festival has been a mainstay at the Sanctuary of La Verna since its inception in 1987.

Over the years, the festival has welcomed numerous renowned organists from around the world, such as Mario Ciferri and Alessandro Bianchi.

The monumental organ in the Basilica, where the concerts take place, was built in 1926 by the Tamburini company of Crema.

The organ was installed as a tribute to St. Francis, the founder of the Franciscan order, and as a way to elevate the sacred music played at the Sanctuary.

Today, the festival continues to honor this tradition by showcasing exceptional organ music in a truly unique and spiritual setting.

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