Fireflies in the Fairy Woods

Lucciolata nel Bosco delle Fate

Nature Event


  • Magical firefly trek in late June-July
  • Witness fireflies in Casentino forests
  • Late June through July experience
  • Multi-day guided excursions available
Fairy Forest / Bosco delle Fate
Sentiero CAI 053, 52010, Chiusi della Verna AR, Italy

Evenings, late June through July

Admission Fees:

The firefly observation is a free event.

Guided excursions and activities have fees. 


Embark on a magical journey through the Casentino forests as you witness the mesmerizing dance of fireflies during the Lucciolata nel Bosco delle Fate event.

Happening in late June through July, this enchanting experience is free for pilgrims traversing the Via di Francesco pilgrimage trail.

Additionally, multi-day guided excursions are available, offering unique activities such as overnight stays in the ancient garden of La Verna friars, visits to the Secret Rooms of the Sanctuary, and group trekking adventures.

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the sacred forests, awaken your inner child, and create unforgettable memories.

The Lucciolata nel Bosco delle Fate event is specific to the Santuario della Verna, and it is not a national event celebrated throughout Italy.

Event Schedule

Overview of Treks:

Fridays: Excursions, tent setup, aperitif dinner, visit to Secret Rooms, and firefly observation

Saturdays: Excursion to Eremo della Casella, barbecue lunch, optional firefly observation

Sundays: Lower Wood of the Fairies excursion, disassembly of tents, and goodbyes


The Lucciolata nel Bosco delle Fate event takes place in the sacred forests surrounding the Sanctuary of La Verna, an important spiritual site in the life of St. Francis.

The Casentino forests, with their centuries-old beeches and firs, are known for their extraordinary biodiversity, providing a unique habitat for the fireflies that make this event so special.

Due to increasing pollution, fireflies are becoming rarer, making this event a rare opportunity to witness their magical display away from urban centers.

The guided excursions are organized by In Quiete in collaboration with the Franciscan Friars of La Verna, combining spirituality, nature, and awe-inspiring experiences for pilgrims and nature lovers alike.