• Refreshing water fountain for pilgrims
  • Delicious Casentine specialties at Panificio Rimbocchi
  • Scenic route to La Verna Sanctuary
  • LH5 bus connection to Bibbiena and Badia Prataglia


Nestled at 542 meters above sea level, Rimbocchi is a quaint Tuscan town with a mere 57 inhabitants. The serene atmosphere makes it a perfect stop for pilgrims on the Via di Francesco trail. Replenish your water supply at the town fountain and feel connected to St. Francis as you journey from Florence to La Verna.

Distance from Stage Start:
10.2 km
Distance to Stage End:
7.63 km
542 meters
Services Available:
Water Fountain

Culture & History

Rimbocchi’s history dates back to ancient times, with modern-day residents upholding the town’s rich traditions. The bakery, Panificio Rimbocchi, is a shining example of the town’s culinary heritage. Established in 1950 by the Corsetti brothers, the bakery now serves as a hub for pilgrims in search of scrumptious Casentine specialties. Locals and visitors alike cherish the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into producing the town’s signature bread and sweets.

Events & Festivals

As a small and intimate town, Rimbocchi doesn’t host any major events. However, its close proximity to larger towns like Bibbiena and Badia Prataglia makes it an ideal base for exploring nearby events and attractions. Pilgrims can rely on the convenient LH5 bus for transportation to these neighboring towns.

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