Sasso Di Frate Lupo

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St Francis' Spot


  • Marvel at the “Masso di Fra’ Lupo” balanced on the edge of a cliff
  • Witness the breathtaking panoramic views
  • Learn about Brigante Lupo’s transformation into Fra’ Lupo
  • Admire the painting of this event by Baccio Maria Bacci
Sentiero CAI 051, 52010 Chiusi della Verna AR, Italy


Discover the fascinating “Masso di Fra’ Lupo,” a large rock miraculously perched on the edge of a cliff along the Via di Francesco pilgrimage trail. Witness stunning panoramic views and uncover the captivating tale of Brigante Lupo, a fearsome brigand who transformed into Fra’ Lupo after an encounter with Saint Francis. The story comes alive in a beautiful painting by Baccio Maria Bacci found in the Corridoio delle Stimmate at La Verna.

Pilgrims should visit the “Masso di Fra’ Lupo” to experience the captivating story of Saint Francis’ transformative encounter with Brigante Lupo, as well as to marvel at the incredible natural beauty and panoramic views that surround the rock.

Culture & History

The “Masso di Fra’ Lupo” is a place of historical significance, rooted in the tale of Brigante Lupo, a feared brigand known for his cruel and unforgiving nature. According to legend, Lupo held his prisoners captive on this very rock, leaving them immobilized with fear of falling into the abyss below. One fateful day, Saint Francis of Assisi crossed paths with the fearsome brigand near the large rock. With words of peace and love, he managed to convert Brigante Lupo, who from that moment on was known as Fra’ Lupo, or in some sources, Frate Agnello. This incredible story is celebrated in the painting by Baccio Maria Bacci, which adorns the walls of the Corridoio delle Stimmate at La Verna.

How to Get There

To reach Masso di Fra’ Lupo from the nearest town, begin in Chiusi della Verna. Follow the marked path of the Via di Francesco pilgrimage trail, which will take you through lush forests and stunning views. As you ascend Monte Penna, watch for the point where the vegetation opens up to reveal the spectacular cliffside view. The Masso di Fra’ Lupo, marked by a plaque, is visible near the edge of the precipice.

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