Chapel of the Stigmata

Church & Sacred SiteSt Francis' Spot
St Francis' Spot


  • Andrea della Robbia’s artwork
  • St. Francis receiving Stigmata
Via del Santuario della Verna, 45, 52010 Chiusi della Verna AR, Italy
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Steeped in history, art, and spirituality, the Chapel of the Stigmata offers pilgrims a chance to connect with St. Francis, admire the stunning works of Andrea della Robbia, and experience the miracle of the Stigmata.

Culture & History

The Chapel of the Stigmata dates back to 1263, built over the very spot where St. Francis received the Stigmata. The miracle occurred in September 1224 while he was in deep contemplation on the mountain side. The sanctuary quickly gained reverence and was later protected by Pope Alexander IV. The Chapel features a majestic altarpiece by Andrea della Robbia depicting Christ crucified, surrounded by angels, with St. Francis at his feet.

The Corridor of the Stigmata, constructed in 1578, showcases frescoes by Baccio Maria Bacci and leads to several smaller chapels.

The Feast of the Stigmata is celebrated every year on September 17th. Large crowds of priests, locals, and pilgrims gather to honor St. Francis and his miraculous Stigmata. The friars at the sanctuary accommodate and entertain thousands of pilgrims during this important event.

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