• Tranquil forest paths in the Casentino Forest
  • Ancient Benedictine Monastery of Camaldoli
  • Sacro Eremo e Monastero di Camaldoli
  • 400-year-old Chestnut Tree – Il Castagno di Miraglia
  • Unique Camaldolese pharmacy and herbal remedies


Camaldoli, a serene and spiritual haven tucked away in the Tuscan hills, offers solace and inspiration to hikers and pilgrims alike. Situated within the enchanting Foreste Casentinesi National Park, Camaldoli is renowned for its sacred Hermitage and Monastery. As you explore this peaceful sanctuary, you’ll discover ancient beech trees and sweeping views of the verdant valleys below, reminiscent of the landscapes St. Francis once admired during his own pilgrimage.

Distance from Stage Start:
18 km
916 meters
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Pharmacy (Farmacia)
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Culture & History

Founded in the 11th century by St. Romuald, the Hermitage and Monastery of Camaldoli have been at the heart of the town’s spiritual and cultural life for centuries. The Camaldolese Order, with its unique blend of monastic and hermitic lifestyles, has attracted visitors seeking spiritual guidance and enlightenment. The town’s rich history can be traced through its ancient buildings, such as the Church of San Salvatore and the Chapter House, which display stunning frescoes and artwork from the Renaissance period.

The Camaldolese monks are also renowned for their expertise in herbal medicine, which is still practiced today. A visit to the historic pharmacy provides a fascinating insight into the monks’ traditional methods of creating herbal remedies and their continued dedication to holistic healing.

Events & Festivals

Camaldoli’s serene atmosphere lends itself to introspective and spiritual events throughout the year, such as retreats, workshops, and religious celebrations. The Feast of St. Romuald, held annually on June 19th, is a significant event for the Camaldolese community, commemorating the founder of their order. During this time, pilgrims and visitors gather to celebrate with prayer, reflection, and fellowship. Due to the limited accommodations in Camaldoli, it’s wise to book your stay in advance for such events.

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