Camaldoli Monastery

Church & Sacred Site


  • Explore the medieval Hospice and monastery
  • Admire Giorgio Vasari’s stunning panel paintings
  • Stroll through the beautiful Camaldoli Forests
  • Visit St. Romualdo’s cell, founder of the Camaldolese Order
Località Camaldoli, 14, 52014 Camaldoli AR, Italy
Days / Time Open:

Open 7 Days
8:30 – 20:00

Monastery Liturgical Hours:

Sunday and Holidays:
7:30 Morning Prayer
11:30 Eucharistic Celebration (with monastic community)
17:30 Eucharistic Celebration (summer at 17:00)
18:45 Second Vespers

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday:
6:00 Office of Readings
7:30 Morning Prayer
12:35 Midday Prayer
18:30 Vespers and Eucharistic Celebration

6:00 Office of Readings
7:30 Morning Prayer
12:35 Midday Prayer
18:45 Vespers

7:30 Morning Prayer
18:45 First Vespers
21:00 Sunday Vigil


Discover the enchanting Camaldoli Monastery, nestled within the serene Parco Nazionale delle Foreste Casentinesi. Revel in the beautiful surroundings, admire Giorgio Vasari’s captivating frescoes, and learn about the rich history of this monastic complex. Experience the peace and tranquility that has attracted pilgrims for over a millennium.

Culture & History

Camaldoli Monastery was founded around 1046 within the heart of the Park of the Foreste Casentinesi. It was initially a small hospital for monks, but eventually grew into a large monastic complex. The monastery has played an essential role in the conservation of the environment since its inception, with monks diligently preserving and enriching the forests around them.

Camaldoli has also been a vital center for spiritual dialogue, fostering connections between various monastic traditions from East and West, as well as Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. The monastery and hermitage have remained significant places for pilgrims and wayfarers for over a thousand years.

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