Il Castagno di Miraglia

Natural Landmark


  • Massive 400-year-old Miraglia Chestnut tree
  • Unique cavity within the trunk
  • Located near Camaldoli, inside Casentinesi Forest National Park
  • Connected to local legends and history
"Località Camaldoli, 52014 Camaldoli AR, Italy "


Discover the awe-inspiring Miraglia Chestnut tree, a natural wonder nestled within the enchanting Casentinesi Forest National Park near Camaldoli. This ancient tree boasts a massive cavity within its trunk, where the Contessa Elena Mazzarini once spent hours embroidering. Witness the living testimony of time and nature, and become captivated by its fascinating history.

Culture & History

The Miraglia Chestnut tree, believed to be around 300 to 400 years old, is a mesmerizing natural attraction in the heart of the Casentinesi Forest National Park. This ancient tree was named after the wife of the director of the Ministry of Agriculture, Nicola Miraglia, in the late 19th century. Legend has it that the Contessa Elena Mazzarini would spend hours embroidering inside the tree’s large cavity. For a time, a small table and chairs were placed within the cavity, later removed due to excessive public visitation.

Another popular belief links the tree’s name to a retired admiral who enjoyed spending hours admiring the chestnut tree. The combination of his prestigious military rank and the act of “admiring” is said to have given the tree its name.

To protect the tree from potential harm caused by visitors and wildlife, a wooden fence was erected around it. Despite its age and deterioration, the Miraglia Chestnut tree still stands tall, reaching a height of over 20 meters.

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