Cerreta di Camaldoli



  • Historical forest nursery
  • Propagates native tree species, ensuring the forest’s future
  • Dates back to 1881
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Nestled within the Tuscan stretch of the Via di Francesco pilgrimage trail, Cerreta di Camaldoli stands as an enduring symbol of sustainable forest management.

This historic forest nursery, established in 1881, is a living testament to the Camaldolese Order’s commitment to environmental preservation and biodiversity.

It’s not just about preserving the forest; they are actively contributing to its growth and health by propagating native tree species. These efforts ensure the forest’s future while providing a unique attraction for pilgrims and visitors alike.

Traditional cultivation methods are at the heart of Cerreta di Camaldoli’s operations, limiting the use of harsh chemicals and promoting environmental improvements. Visitors have the opportunity to learn about these practices through guided tours, gaining a deeper understanding of the nursery’s operations and the local tree species they cultivate.

Culture & History

The origins of Cerreta di Camaldoli date back to 1881, located within the Camaldoli Forest at 855 meters above sea level. The nursery’s establishment is an embodiment of the Camaldolese Order’s dedication to sustainable forestry, a commitment that has endured for centuries. Initially, the nursery cultivated a variety of tree species for reforestation, gradually refining their cultivation methods over the years to be more rational and intensive.

Fast forward to the present day, Cerreta di Camaldoli is managed by the Mountain Community of Casentino, and its efforts are geared towards producing seedlings for reforestation, environmental improvements, as well as ornamental plants and fruit production. An interesting initiative the nursery has is to freely distribute seedlings produced to agricultural companies, with the condition of planting within the national park’s borders.

This initiative not only aids in preserving biodiversity but also enriches the cultural landscape of the Tuscan region.

To pilgrims and visitors, Cerreta di Camaldoli serves as a metaphor for growth, sustainability, and the importance of nurturing our environment, values that resonate deeply with the spirit of pilgrimage.