Molin di Bucchio



  • Discover the 13th-century water mill, still intact with original millstones and tools
  • Explore the mill museum and old kitchen with ancient charm
  • Visit the Arno river, the birthplace of the mill’s power
  • Learn about the mill’s connection to WWII partisan resistance
Strada Comunale Molin di Bucchio, 52015, 52015 Stia AR, Italy
Days / Time Open:

14:30 – 17:00

10:00 -12:00
14:30 – 17:00


Nestled along the Arno River, Molin di Bucchio is a beautifully preserved 13th-century water mill and an essential stop for pilgrims. With its rich history, picturesque surroundings, and connections to the partisan resistance of WWII, this enchanting mill offers an unforgettable experience. Take a step back in time as you explore the mill museum, ancient kitchen, and witness the Arno river’s flowing waters that powered this historic site.

Culture & History

Molin di Bucchio, one of the oldest mills in the Casentino area, dates back to the 13th century. The Bucchi family has carried out milling activities for over 700 years. In addition to its milling history, the mill was home to an important trout farm that received numerous awards in the 1930s.

The mill functioned regularly until 1955 and occasionally until 1960. In recent years, both milling and trout farming activities have been resumed, providing a unique opportunity for visitors to experience a living piece of history. The mill’s rooms retain their original characteristics, with the tools used by millers, such as shovels, hoppers, and millstones, still on display.

How to Get There

From Stia, take the SR 71 Umbro Casentinese road towards Londa. Continue on the SR 556 towards the Croce a Mori Pass, which leads to Londa. From there, follow the signs for the SS 67 towards Florence. Molin di Bucchio is located along the provincial road 556, which can be reached from the SR 71 Umbro Casentinese road leading from Arezzo to Stia. The mill is open to the public on weekends, with free admission.

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