Pieve di San Pietro a Romena

Church & Sacred Site


  • Romanesque architecture from the 12th century
  • Valuable art pieces by renowned artists
  • Pre-existing 8th-century triapsidal church remains
  • Andrea Della Robbia’s Madonna and Child (around 1490)
  • Ciborium by Benedetto and Santi Buglioni (around 1526)
Via di Pieve di Romena, 1, 52015 Pratovecchio AR, Italy


Discover the Pieve di San Pietro a Romena, a 900-year-old architectural gem nestled in the lush Casentino countryside. This Romanesque masterpiece boasts beautifully crafted capitals, intricate Christian symbols, and remains of an ancient 8th-century church. Experience a sense of peace and spirituality as you explore this sacred site on your pilgrimage.

Culture & History

The Parish Church of St. Mary the Assumed in Stia, built around the second half of the 12th century by the Guidi Counts of Porciano, is considered one of the most interesting churches of the Casentino. The church replaced a pre-existing one dedicated to Saint Mary of the Assumption, with its first documented mention dating back to 1017. Excavations in the 1970s uncovered remains of the earlier church, as well as evidence of an even older worship building dating back to the Etruscan-Roman period.

The church has undergone several renovations, with its current facade reflecting a late-Baroque style. The bell tower’s lower part is coeval with the church, while its top has been renovated multiple times. The church’s Romanesque style, with its nave and two side aisles separated by two lines of columns topped with elegant capitals, has been preserved despite several restoration works.

Pilgrims should visit the Pieve di San Pietro a Romena to appreciate its stunning architecture, rich history, and serene atmosphere. The church offers a place for reflection and spiritual growth, as well as a chance to connect with others through the Romena Fraternity’s events and meetings.

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