Romena Castle



  • Experience Dante Alighieri’s inspiration for Canto XXX of Inferno
  • Marvel at the impressive medieval castle ruins with its three remaining towers
  • Visit the beautiful Romanesque church of Romena
  • Discover the historical Fonte Branda
Località, Via di Pieve di Romena, 10, 52015 Pratovecchio AR, Italy


Step into the world of Dante Alighieri at the awe-inspiring Romena Castle, nestled in the picturesque Tuscan hills. Discover the castle’s rich history as you explore its medieval ruins, with three towers still standing tall. Be captivated by the Romanesque church of Romena, an architectural gem, and uncover the historical Fonte Branda. A journey filled with literary inspiration, historical intrigue, and breathtaking landscapes awaits you.

Culture & History

Romena Castle’s history dates back to the 10th century, built as a possession of Guido Alberto, Marquis of Spoleto. It later passed to the Counts Guidi, who held it until 1357 when it was sold to Florence. The castle witnessed numerous historical events, including the exile of Dante Alighieri, who found inspiration for Canto XXX of Inferno here. Suffering damages from earthquakes and local populations, the castle was eventually purchased by Count Ascanio of the Goretti de’ Flamini family in 1768, who still owns it today.

The surrounding town has maintained longstanding traditions, with events like the annual festival celebrating the beauty of the Casentino landscapes. The area was inhabited by ancient Pelasgian, Etruscan, and Roman populations, showcasing its deep historical roots.

How to Get There

From Pratovecchio, take the road towards Passo della Consuma. Turn left at Scarpaccia and continue for a few minutes. Stop at a beautiful viewpoint of Casentino Valley before reaching Romena Castle.

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