Gli Amici dell’Asino

Pilgrim Ospitale Member


  • Guided and self-guided donkey treks on Via di Francesco
  • Suitable for families, children, and adults
  • Pet therapy and nature discovery
  • Advance booking required
Campolombardo 37, 52015 Pratovecchio AR, Italy


Embark on a unique adventure with “Gli Amici dell’Asino” on the Tuscan stages of the Via di Francesco pilgrimage trail. Offering guided and self-guided donkey treks for families, children, and adults, this service provider expertly blends pet therapy, nature discovery, and a touch of history. Experience the beauty of Tuscany like never before, accompanied by these gentle and friendly creatures.

Discover the breathtaking Tuscan landscape through the eyes of a pilgrim with “Gli Amici dell’Asino,” the first service provider in Casentino to offer guided and self-guided donkey treks on the Via di Francesco pilgrimage trail. Each trek is tailored to the specific needs of participants, including the trek’s length, daily walking hours, and themes.

Not only will you explore the captivating medieval castles, ancient trails, and picturesque countryside, but you’ll also bond with the adorable donkeys that accompany you. Learn about pet therapy, enjoy tactile and manual practices, and immerse yourself in nature during your journey. The treks cater to children aged two and up, making this a fantastic opportunity for families to create unforgettable memories together.

To participate in any of the activities, advance booking via email is required, preferably 24 hours in advance. Once booked, you’ll receive the necessary information and regulations to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.

With “Gli Amici dell’Asino,” your pilgrimage on the Via di Francesco becomes an extraordinary adventure, filled with fun, relaxation, and a connection to nature that will leave a lasting impression.

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