Castello di Porciano



  • Visit the tower where Dante Alighieri once stayed
  • Marvel at the breathtaking terrace view overlooking Casentino Valley
  • Explore the museum, showcasing antique tools and American Indian artifacts
  • Experience medieval living in the unique tower rooms
Via D. Alighieri, 1-21, 52017 Porciano AR, Italy
Days / Time Open:

May 1 – October 31

Open Sundays and national holidays
10:00 -12:00
16:00 – 19:00


Immerse yourself in history at the enchanting Porciano Castle, where the illustrious Dante Alighieri once sought refuge. Discover the castle’s rich heritage while exploring its restored medieval tower and admiring the breathtaking views of the Casentino Valley. Be intrigued by the museum’s rare collection of antique tools and American Indian artifacts, and experience authentic medieval living in the tower’s unique rooms. Don’t miss this chance to walk in Dante’s footsteps and connect with the past.

Culture & History

The Porciano Castle, dating back to the 11th century, belonged to the Guidi Counts, who owned numerous castles in Tuscany and Romagna. The prominent palatial tower, built in the 13th century, represented the major offices of the Guidi Counts of Porciano-Modigliana. The castle’s political and cultural zenith occurred in the early 14th century when Dante Alighieri was a guest of the Guidi Counts during his exile from Florence. It was here that he wrote three famous letters filled with anger.

In 1442, the Guidi Counts left Porciano, and the castle eventually passed through various hands before being sold to the current owners’ ancestor, the Abbot Count Giuseppe Goretti de Flamini. Porciano Castle was carefully restored after 1963 by Flaminia Goretti de Flamini and her husband George Sprecht, in collaboration with the Italian government.

The town of Porciano suffered significant damage during an earthquake in 1913, but it was later rebuilt with several small homes and annexes surrounding the towers.

How to Get There

From the town of Pratovecchio Stia, Porciano Castle is easily accessible by foot. Start at Piazza Tanucci in Pratovecchio and follow the signs for Porciano. You will walk along Via Porciano, a gently sloping road that leads you through picturesque landscapes and quaint local houses. The walk takes approximately 45 minutes and is suitable for pilgrims of all fitness levels. As you approach the castle, take a moment to enjoy the stunning views of the Casentino Valley before entering this historic site.

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