Palagio Fiorentino



  • Marvel at the neo-Gothic architecture and crenellated tower
  • Explore the Contemporary Art Collection housed within
  • Visit the picturesque ivy-covered exterior in autumn
  • Admire the elegant suspended staircase at the entrance
Via Vittorio Veneto, 35, 52017 Pratovecchio AR, Italy


Discover the enchanting Palagio Fiorentino, a neo-Gothic gem that once belonged to the Counts Guidi. Rebuilt in the early 20th century, it now houses a remarkable Contemporary Art Collection. Lose yourself in the captivating ambiance of this historic site, with its ivy-draped façade and elegant suspended staircase, as you explore the fascinating history of the Counts and their connection to St. Francis.

Culture & History

The origins of Palagio Fiorentino can be traced back to 1230, when Count Bandino built the castle for the branch of the Counts of Palagio. Throughout the years, the castle changed hands, with Count Antonio being the last member of the branch. In 1402, he had to surrender the territories to the Republic of Florence.

In 1440, the Milanese army destroyed the castle during the clashes between Florence and Milan. The current building was constructed in the early 20th century by lawyer Carlo Beni, the mayor of Stia, who aimed to recreate the original castle’s elegance. The municipality now owns the Palagio, which is the venue for important exhibitions and conferences.

How to Get There

From Stia, head west on Via Dante Alighieri towards Via del Castello. Turn right onto Via del Castello and follow the road to the entrance of Palagio Fiorentino. The walk from Piazza Tanucci would take approximately 15 mins.

To reach Palagio Fiorentino on foot from the nearest town of Stia, follow these directions:

  1. Begin in Stia’s central square, Piazza Tanucci.
  2. Head west, crossing the Staggia stream using the nearby bridge.
  3. Continue straight onto Via di Palagio.
  4. Follow Via di Palagio as it gently climbs uphill for approximately 500 meters.
  5. Arrive at the entrance of Palagio Fiorentino on your left.
  6. Enjoy your visit to this historic attraction and take in the fascinating history and art during your Via di Francesco pilgrimage.

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