Borgo Ripiatteli

Borgo Ripiattelli - Montemignaio - cover-bed

Borgo Ripiatteli is more than just a pilgrim accommodation; it’s a tranquil haven nestled within the Casentino forest. Experience rural tranquility, essential amenities, and unique experiences under the Tuscan stars.

Castello di Nipozzano

Visit the serene Il Castello Nipozzano, a picturesque Tuscan castle with a rich history. Its connection to St. Francis of Assisi makes it an inspiring stop for pilgrims.

Vallombrosa Forest

Embark on a journey of spiritual discovery in the Vallombrosa Forest, a serene haven featuring an ancient Abbey, majestic trees, and countless hiking trails. Experience nature, spirituality, and the footsteps of St. Francis in this cherished sanctuary.

Chiesa di Santa Maria a Ferrano

Santa Maria a Ferrano is a historic Romanesque church turned retreat center for art and spirituality. Set amidst the beautiful Tuscan hills, it offers pilgrims an unforgettable experience of creative and spiritual growth.

Il Castello di Ferrano

Il Castello di Ferrano, photo by Famiglia Bocci Benucci of Il Castello di Ferrano

Discover Castello di Ferrano on Via di Francesco trail. Immerse in history, taste local products, and enjoy exclusive castle stays near Florence.