Castello di Nipozzano



  • Medieval Castello Nipozzano
  • Breathtaking Arno river valley views
  • Historical Frescobaldi family estate
  • Ancient church of San Niccolò
Località Nipozzano, 50060 Nipozzano FI, Italy


Discover the enchanting medieval Castello Nipozzano, a strategic stronghold that once guarded the city of Florence. Marvel at the picturesque Arno river valley and immerse yourself in the rich history of the Frescobaldi family estate, which has been producing exceptional wines since the Renaissance. As you stroll through the grounds, don’t miss the ancient church of San Niccolò, a testament to the area’s spiritual and cultural heritage.

Culture & History

Steeped in a thousand years of history, the medieval Castello Nipozzano has stood the test of time as a symbol of Tuscany’s cultural and spiritual heritage. Once a defensive stronghold for the city of Florence, the castle has been a property of influential families, including the Conti Guidi, Da Quona, and the Abbey of S.Fedele a Strumi. In the early 14th century, Nipozzano fell under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Florence, later becoming a cherished possession of the Albizzi family. The castle was transformed into a magnificent country residence, attracting notable artists and intellectuals, and eventually became part of the esteemed Frescobaldi family estate.