Chiesa di Santa Maria a Ferrano

Church & Sacred Site


  • Romanesque church, Santa Maria a Ferrano
  • Ancient history dating back to 1080
  • Affiliation with the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe
  • Retreat center for art and spirituality
Località Ferrano Colle, 68, 50060 Pelago FI, Italy


Discover the breathtaking Tuscan beauty and spiritual depth of Santa Maria a Ferrano. This ancient Romanesque church dates back to 1080 and lies nestled in the picturesque hillside near Florence. As a retreat center for art and spirituality, Santa Maria a Ferrano is affiliated with the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe, offering pilgrims an unforgettable experience of creative, spiritual, and natural wonder.

Culture & History

Santa Maria a Ferrano, founded around 1080, is a historically significant Romanesque church located in the Tuscan hillside. Initially established by a religious order from Florence, the church aimed to bring culture and agriculture to the region known as the “Florentine mountains.” Over the centuries, the church has undergone several transformations, with its parochial status suppressed in 1574 and later in 1745. Eventually, the church was converted into a chapel for the cemetery of San Pietro and subsequently used for agricultural purposes. In recent years, Santa Maria a Ferrano has been restored and transformed into a retreat center for art and spirituality. In 2017, the church became an affiliated institution of the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe.

Although there is no direct connection between St. Francis and Santa Maria a Ferrano, the church embodies the values and spiritual ideals that St. Francis held dear, such as the appreciation of nature and the pursuit of inner peace. As a place for spiritual growth and personal development, Santa Maria a Ferrano aligns with the Franciscan tradition of reverence for creation, simplicity, and harmony.

Event: Annual Spiritual Retreat
Month: August
Summary: The annual spiritual retreat at Santa Maria a Ferrano is an opportunity for pilgrims to explore their spirituality and creativity through various workshops, meditation sessions, and artistic activities.

How to Get There

Between Disacceto and the Vallombrosa forest trail, pilgrims will pass Castello di Ferrano overlooking the Tuscan countryside. A little further they will reach the Chiesa di Santa Maria a Ferrano, uphill on their left, before reaching the forested section of the Via di Francesco.