Vallombrosa Forest

Natural Landmark


  • Ancient Vallombrosa Abbey
  • Italy’s tallest tree, “The Italian Tree King”
  • Beautiful hiking trails in a 1,279-hectare reserve
  • Arboretum with over 1,000 botanical entities
Via del Paradisino, 50066 Vallombrosa FI, Italy


Welcome to the enchanting Vallombrosa Forest, a tranquil oasis nestled in the Tuscan hills along the Via di Francesco pilgrimage trail. This awe-inspiring landscape is home to the ancient Vallombrosa Abbey, Italy’s tallest tree, and countless hiking trails that will lead you on a journey of spiritual discovery. Be prepared to experience a deeper connection with nature and spirituality as you explore this cherished sanctuary.

Culture & History

The Vallombrosa Forest has been cherished by monks since the 11th century when they settled in this picturesque corner of Tuscany. The monks, recognizing the value of the forest’s silver firs and beech trees, devoted themselves to caring for the land, which provided resources for their Abbey. Over the centuries, the forest’s majestic firs have been used in the construction and renovation of palaces in Florence, further testament to the monks’ care and stewardship.

In 1977, the forest became a Biogenetic Nature Reserve, protecting its rich biodiversity for future generations. Today, the forest covers 1,279 hectares, offering a serene haven for pilgrims, tourists, and students from the University of Florence’s Department of Forestry, who utilize the area as an educational site.

Though there is no direct connection between St. Francis and Vallombrosa Forest, the area’s natural beauty, serenity, and focus on spirituality align closely with the values of St. Francis. The forest offers a tranquil respite for pilgrims, allowing them to reconnect with nature and contemplate their spiritual journey.

Every summer, the Carabinieri Department for Biodiversity of Vallombrosa opens the gates of the renowned Experimental Arboretum to visitors. Take this opportunity to explore one of Europe’s most famous arboretums, featuring over 3,000 specimens from around the world.

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