Vallombrosa Abbey

Church & Sacred Site


  • Imposing Vallombrosa Abbey with a rich history
  • Serene forests and biodiverse nature reserve
  • Scenic hiking trails for all levels
  • Fascinating monastery museum and library
Via S. Benedetto, 2, 50066 Vallombrosa FI, Italy
Days / Time Open:

Open 7 Days
6:30 – 19:00


Discover the enchanting Vallombrosa Monastery and National Reserve, a spiritual retreat nestled in the lush forests of Tuscany. Explore the majestic Abbey, home to exquisite frescoes and centuries of history, and wander the serene nature reserve filled with diverse flora and fauna. Immerse yourself in a place that marries ancient architecture, spiritual tradition, and natural beauty to create an unforgettable experience on the Via di Francesco pilgrimage trail.

Culture & History

Founded in the 11th century by Florentine noble Giovanni Gualberto, Vallombrosa Monastery began as a humble wooden hut, eventually expanding to include the impressive Abbey and monastery complex we see today. Following St. Benedict’s rule of “ora et labora” (pray and work), the Vallumbrosan order thrived, maintaining the surrounding forests and practicing silviculture.

Despite suppression during the Napoleonic era, the monastery regained its religious function after World War II. The monks have since worked to restore the library, which holds countless treasured manuscripts and historical artifacts. The pharmacy, once an essential part of the monastery, still offers traditional elixirs and products crafted by the monks.