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Chiesa Maggiore della Verna

Basilica - Santuario della Verna

Experience the awe-inspiring Chiesa Maggiore della Verna, a historic basilica steeped in history and connected to St. Francis of Assisi. Immerse yourself in its timeless beauty.

La Melosa

La Melosa. Photo by Municipality of Chiusi della Verna

Discover a hidden culinary gem near the Sanctuary of La Verna. Savor homemade Tuscan dishes, friendly service, and a serene atmosphere at La Melosa.

Santa Maria degli Angeli

Santa Maria degli Angeli

Santa Maria degli Angeli at Santuario della Verna is a must-visit pilgrimage site, steeped in history and spirituality. Explore the church’s stunning art and architecture while walking in the footsteps of St. Francis.

Chapel of the Stigmata

Chapel of the Stigmata

Journey to the heart of the Santuario della Verna and experience the miracle of the Stigmata at the Chapel. Uncover the captivating artwork and serene atmosphere that has drawn pilgrims for centuries.