Holy Week and Easter

National HolidayReligious


  • Ancient Florentine tradition, Explosion of the Cart
  • Often in April, Easter Sunday
  • Tour of the Seven Churches on Holy Thursday
  • Easter Monday, “Pasquetta,” a national holiday
Piazza del Duomo
50122 Florence, Metropolitan City of Florence, Italy

Often in April, Easter Sunday

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During the Holy Week and Easter Celebrations, Florence comes alive with a blend of religious and cultural festivities.

One of the most beloved events is the Explosion of the Cart, an ancient Florentine tradition that takes place on Easter Sunday. The Brindellone, a cart filled with fireworks, is paraded through the city and positioned between the Duomo and the Baptistery. The Archbishop of Florence then lights the fireworks, creating a stunning display.

On Holy Thursday, the faithful participate in the Tour of the Seven Churches, visiting solemnly decorated altars and reciting prayers.

Easter Monday, also known as “Pasquetta,” is a national holiday where Italians gather with friends to enjoy picnics, concerts, and various local games.

The Holy Week and Easter Celebrations have a strong connection to Florence, as the city hosts the ancient Florentine tradition of the Explosion of the Cart and serves as a starting point for the Tour of the Seven Churches.

Event Schedule

Holy Thursday: Tour of the Seven Churches
Easter Sunday: Explosion of the Cart (11:00)
Easter Monday: Pasquetta picnics, concerts, and games

Easter occurs annually, often in April, on Easter Sunday. The holiday is celebrated on the first Sunday following the first full moon after the vernal equinox.

2023: Easter Sunday, April 9th
2024: Easter Sunday, March 31st
2025: Easter Sunday, April 20th
2026: Easter Sunday, April 5th
2027: Easter Sunday, March 28th
2028: Easter Sunday, April 16th
2029: Easter Sunday, April 1st
2030: Easter Sunday, April 21st
2031: Easter Sunday, April 13th
2032: Easter Sunday, March 28th


Easter is a significant holiday in Italy, marking the beginning of spring and warmer weather. Many towns in Tuscany, including Florence, have historical re-enactments and festivals celebrating Easter traditions.

The Explosion of the Cart dates back more than nine centuries and represents a deeply rooted custom in Florentine culture.

The Tour of the Seven Churches is a religious practice wherein participants visit churches, recite prayers, and ask for the Lord’s goodwill.

Easter Monday, or Pasquetta, represents a day for Italians to spend time with friends and enjoy the outdoors, reflecting the Italian saying, “Natale con i suoi, Pasqua con chi vuoi” (Christmas with your relatives, Easter with who you want).

The Holy Week and Easter celebrations are national events, celebrated throughout Italy with regional variations. Italians from all corners of the country come together to observe these festivities with their own unique traditions and customs.