Events in April

April adorns the trail with spring's vibrant hues and pulsates with Easter celebrations and unique traditions like Florence's Scoppio del Carro.

Florence and Casentino Events

Local Tradition

Occurs annually on Easter Sunday. Often in April.

The Scoppio del Carro, or Explosion of the Cart, is a time-honored Florentine celebration that takes place on Easter Sunday. A visually striking event, it showcases a fireworks-laden cart paraded through the city streets, culminating in a breathtaking display of pyrotechnics.

National Holiday
April 25

Occurs annually on April 25th

Festa Della Liberazione, or Liberation Day, is a national holiday in Italy that commemorates the country’s liberation from Nazi Germany during World War II.

National HolidayReligious

Often in April, Easter Sunday

Experience the vibrant spirit of Tuscany during the Holy Week and Easter celebrations, which showcase ancient traditions, cultural festivities, and unique museum openings.

Local Tradition
April 30

Occurs annually, the night of April 30th

Cantar Maggio is an event deeply rooted in Tuscany’s folklore, celebrating the arrival of spring and the changing of the seasons. On the night of April 30, young people dress in colorful plaids and hats, and go from house to house singing traditional songs.