Explosion of the Cart

Scoppio del Carro

Local Tradition


  • Easter Sunday celebration in Florence
  • Ancient tradition dating back to 1099
  • Symbolic of good fortune and prosperity
  • Features a procession, fireworks, and performances
Piazza del Duomo
50122 Florence, Metropolitan City of Florence, Italy

Occurs annually on Easter Sunday. Often in April.

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Scoppio del Carro, also known as the Explosion of the Cart, is an unmissable Easter Sunday celebration in Florence. The event begins with a procession from Porta al Parto at 8:15 AM, featuring the Brindellone cart followed by a representation of the Florentine Republic heading towards Piazza Duomo.

The highlight of the event takes place around 11:00 AM when the Archbishop lights a rocket in the shape of a dove from the central nave of the Duomo. The rocket then reaches the cart outside, igniting the fireworks within. This spectacular display is considered a good omen, ensuring prosperity for the city and abundance for crops.

Event Schedule

8:15 AM: Procession begins at Porta al Parto

11:00 AM: Fireworks event at Piazza del Duomo


The Scoppio del Carro dates back to the First Crusade in 1099 when Florentine captain Pazzino De’ Pazzi climbed the walls of Jerusalem, receiving flints from the Holy Sepulchre as a reward. These flints are still used to light the sacred fire on Holy Saturday, followed by a procession to the Duomo.

On Easter Sunday, a cart (Brindellone) is pulled by white oxen through the city, accompanied by a historical procession, flag-wavers, and city authorities. The sacred fire lit by Pazzino’s flints is used to ignite a dove-shaped rocket, symbolizing the Holy Spirit, which triggers a series of fireworks on the cart.

The Scoppio del Carro is deeply rooted in Florence’s history and culture, symbolizing good fortune and prosperity for the city. This beloved event takes place in the heart of Florence, showcasing its vibrant traditions and historical significance.

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