• Alternative route on Stage 6 of Via di Francesco
  • Two Ospitale Pilgrim Network accommodations
  • Chiesa di San Michele Arcangelo
  • LH5 bus connections to Badia Prataglia and Bibbiena


Nestled in the Tuscan countryside, Biforco is a quaint village with only 24 residents. As an alternative route on Stage 6 of the Via di Francesco pilgrimage trail, Biforco offers pilgrims a serene and picturesque stopover. The village features two Ospitale Pilgrim Network accommodations and the charming Chiesa di San Michele Arcangelo.

Distance from Stage Start:
10 km
Distance to Stage End:
7.83 km
Previous Town:
4.5 km
Services Available:
Church & Sacred Sites

Culture & History

Biforco’s rich history and connection to the Via di Francesco pilgrimage trail make it a fascinating destination for pilgrims and history enthusiasts. The Chiesa di San Michele Arcangelo, an ancient church nestled in the heart of the village, offers a spiritual respite and a glimpse into the past. With its tranquil atmosphere, Biforco provides an ideal setting for reflection and contemplation.

Although small, Biforco plays a significant role in the lives of those journeying along the Via di Francesco. Its Ospitale Pilgrim Network accommodations, Affittacamere Silvia and La Casa di Nonna Menica, provide warm and welcoming lodgings for weary travelers. The village’s intimate size fosters a sense of community and camaraderie among pilgrims.

Events & Festivals

Biforco does not host any specific events, but its strategic location on Stage 6 of the Via di Francesco pilgrimage trail makes it an essential stopping point for hikers and pilgrims. The LH5 bus offers convenient connections to nearby Badia Prataglia and Bibbiena.

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