Domus Pacis Stia

Domus Pacis Stia - Stia - cover - beds

Experience a warm and friendly environment at Casa di Accoglienza Domus Pacis in Stia, Tuscany, offering comfortable and affordable accommodations for pilgrims along the Via di Francesco trail.

Albergo Falterona

Albergo Falterona - Stia - cover99 - bed

Discover a unique blend of history and comfort at our enchanting hotel, nestled in a beautifully restored 15th-century palace in the heart of Stia.

Roby’s Nido

Robis Nido Chiusi della Verna cover bed3

Discover a cozy haven in the heart of the Casentinesi Forests, rich with history and natural beauty, perfect for your pilgrimage journey.

Ospitale dei Brilli

Ospitale dei Brilli - cover - bed

Rest and recharge at our cozy bed and breakfast in the heart of Stia, the perfect stop for pilgrims on their spiritual journey through Tuscany.